10 great resources to help you learn Mandarin

Chinese is a beautiful language to learn at any stage of life whether for children, adults, students or businesses mastering the Chinese language and learning to write Chinese symbols, stokes & characters will certainly be enjoyable and travelling to China with the knowledge of these symbols will make the experience more rewarding.

Accent Language School offer Mandarin Classes classes for all ages but below are a few additional online tools to help with your studies.

Online tools to assist your studies in mastering Mandarin

1. Line Dict Chinese Dictionary

This free English to Chinese desktop dictionary offers a quick translation of words and phrases into Chinese symbols and characters. The website includes an inbuilt audio of Chinese phrases so you can practice your pronunciations and perfect your accent.

This site also offers interesting daily quotes and expressions for learning conversational Mandarin.

2. Naver translator Chinese Translator

This handy tool is similar to Google translates in that you enter the word or phrase you want translated and it will provide you with the Simple or Traditional Chinese version of that word/phrase.

This tool includes other languages such as Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and more and includes a website translator.

3. Hao Hao Report

The Hao Hao Report contains lots and lots of useful information about Chinese Culture and current affairs. Designed and aimed specifically at those studying the language. The great feature on this website is the Forum where students can chat with others, ask questions and discuss lots of random topics on China.

Absorb yourself into the culture of the language you are learning by reading news and blogs from that culture will assist your understanding. We recommend browsing the Hao Hao report regularly for up to date news, blogs, articles and videos from the latest in China and make some new friends also studying Mandarin.

4. www.zhongwen.com

Learning the Chinese characters by breaking down the strokes. This resource uses the Bushou (headings of each section) organising system for Chinese Dictionary’s.

The Zipu system is also include allowing for any character to be found if the person knows other related characters in a component. A very detailed tool in breaking down the construction of symbols.


5. Arch Chinese – Learn about Chinese stroke order

Arch Chinese was created by Teachers in the USA for Schools and Universities requiring an online resource for students learning Mandarin Chinese. This system is designed to help English speakers with little or no knowledge, learn Mandarin.

This animated system displays the stroke order of all characters in national standard and over 7,000 frequently used Chinese characters.

You can generate and download worksheets to help you practice your strokes.

6. Hanzi grid

Hanzi grid is a tool for creating your own custom Chinese character grids to practice characters, strokes and symbols.

Generate practice grids with Hanzi grids download and print these sheets to practice your Chinese handwriting.

7. Chinese National Television Network

The National Chinese Television Network publishes Chinese news from around the world, live streaming videos and more. If you need to know anything about your trip to China then you will find the answers here.

8. The Chaimansbao

This is online and interactive newspaper has been specifically designed for those learning Mandarin and those set to take exams.

If you are preparing to take HSK exams then you will find some test papers available to view on this website.

9. Slow Chinese Cultural Podcast for Chinese Learners

Podcasts are very popular for those learning a new skill. Slow Chinese is a cultural Podcast for Chinese learners. These podcasts are designed and read by native Chinese passionate about helping others to learn about their language and culture. Podcasts are deliberately read slowly about all sorts of topics such as popular culture, tradition and history of China.

10. Chinese for Children

This wonderful animated learning tool gives children the symbols, English and the pronunciation by adorable animated Chinese Children. Parents can sit with their children as they run through the videos or leave them to learn independently.

Making studying fun for children is always the key objective so these lessons are particularly good for engaging children to learn in their free time.

Discover the beauty of Chinese Symbols

Chinese Calligraphy has developed over many centuries but still retains a certain charm and elegance enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Learning to master Mandarin can simply be a pleasurable pastime.

Learn Mandarin with Accent Language School

Accent Language School runs Mandarin classes on Saturday Mornings for children and other classes for adults.

If you are interesting in learning Chinese then please contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist info@accent.gg

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