Accent first group of foreign students enjoying lots of activities around Guernsey

The start of the summer is always busy, yet exciting, for us as we prepare for the arrival of our first group of foreign students. Last week the new students dived straight into a full schedule of games in the park, kayaking in the sea, climbing the high ropes, putting balls in mini golf and exploring the sights of St Peter Port.

Exploring Candy Gardens, St Peter Port

Candy Gardens is a popular spot for tourists and locals with its exquisite walled garden and stunning views across the bay to Herm Island. Just a short walk from the town, Candy Gardens is home to the much loved statue of Victor Hugo. Unveiled on 7th July 2014, this statue was presented to Guernsey by the French Government as a thank you for their hospitality shown to Victor Hugo during his time spent in exile. Little bit of history for our students.

Mini Golf at Oatlands

The beautiful mini golf course at Oatlands Village is just one of a few attractions. The girls especially like the trampolines and the chocolate shop.

High Ropes at Les Maingsy

Working with Outdoor Guernsey means we can offer students opportunties to try lots of adventurous actitivities they many never have tried before. We had 100% participation in the high ropes and kayaking.

This is just the start of a very busy summer for Accent as we welcome lots of students to enjoy learning English, mixing with the locals and experiencing Guernsey lifestyle.

We are always looking for host families so if you are interested then please contact us

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