Accent Language School France is now open for business!

Accent Language School are expanding into France with new office in Combourg

We are delighted to announce the opening of our second office in France under the management of Alison Gago. The office is situated in the beautiful French village of Combourg in North East Region of Brittany, between St Malo and Rennes. In the Ille-et-Vilaine department.

Accent France Language School Holiday study and language tuition

Alison has more than 20 years experience teaching languages but also has knowledge of what it takes to run a successful Language School having previously been a Manager here in Guernsey.

Accent France have been busy recruiting Teachers and host families and creating exciting new programmes for the language students. The School will offer tuition in many foreign languages as well as International holiday study breaks.

Why open an office in France?

Owner and Director – Anna Lisa Detassis explains:

“We are close to France and we have so many French clients coming over to Guernsey for our very popular holiday study breaks, that we see Accent France as a natural expansion of our business. Already we have seen students from Guernsey, Italy and Spain going to Accent France for holiday study breaks, immersing themselves in the French language, and culture and way of life and going home much more confident in their ability to converse in French.”

“We hope that students of all ages from Guernsey will take the short hop across the channel and enjoy the same experience”

Find out more from Accent France Website and Facebook page

You can find our more about Accent France and their services from their website and by liking their Facebook page

Book now for holiday study in France

We are taking individual and group bookings for students wishing to study in France during the summer holidays so please contact Holly at for further information.


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