Accent to offer language classes at St Martins Primary School!

Accent are delighted to announce new Language Clubs coming to St Martins Primary School, Guernsey

We are thrilled to be able to offer new classes starting in September at St Martins Primary School, Guernsey. These popular language programmes make language learning fun, enjoyable and stressfree. We encourage children to work together, supporting each others learning and developing through games and play.

Before-School and After-School clubs

The Language clubs will be held before-school and after-school for all children, from reception to year 6.

The timetable for these clubs are now available and can be found by clicking here.

Our friendly teachers are experienced in running childrens clubs with mixed abilities.

Variety of foreign Languages taught in clubs

We don’t just teach “voila” and “merci” we teach a range of languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese in a variety of ways such as reading, singing, games and more.

Find out more and book your child’s place today

To find out more about our language clubs in St Martins Primary School – or any of the other schools, please contact us at or call us on 714909.

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