Accent Staff celebrating authentic classic dishes from around the world

Living and working in a diverse multi-cultural work place has it’s advantages, one of which is sampling authentic food from other cultures.

Accent Language Staff enjoyed a fantastic banquet this weekend courtesy of our lovely Teachers bringing a dish from their country origin. Lets get your taste buds jumping with a run down of the some of the dishes we enjoyed.

German Onion Tart

In Germany, Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake, onion pie or onion tart) is a typical specialty. Made with sauteed onions, cream, egg and bacon on a rich yeast dough crust served with a salad.

Russian Salad

The Olivier (‘Olivie’) Salad is a well known traditional Russian and Eastern European ‘potato salad’ served cold with fresh bread. Usually contains meat and pickles with vegetables and potatoes.

Japanese Sushi

Megumi brought in little fishes a delicacy from Japan. Sushi includes lots of raw fish alone or wrapped in a sushi roll. We recommend The Hook in St Peter Port to try this out.

Italian Salads

The great traditional Italian Salad will usually include fresh tomatoes, possibly fresh basil, mozzeralla, olives and a rich olive oil dressing.

Italian Tiramisu

Martina brought with her a fabulous home made Tiramisu made with Savoiardi fingers, whipped cream, coffee and liqueur. The meaning of Tiramisu is “pick me up” and we all agree with this!

French Cheeses

Rounding off the night with a selection of French cheeses such as Rocquefort, Brie and Reblochon with freshly made bread and crackers is perfect.

We teach our students about other cultures including traditional dishes from around the world as food plays such an important part of our lives. Every country and every culture has something special and unique to offer.

Now looking forward to our next gathering. It certainly makes you want to explore more about foods in different countries.

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