Accent Staff Party to thank everyone for their dedication, commitment and hard work

Director of Accent Language School Anna Lisa Detassis hosts staff party

The success of Accent Language School is due to a dedicated team of Teachers and staff who organise and run great language courses for different types of students from little ones to Corporate Clients throughout the year.

At the helm of this happy ship is Director Anna Lisa Detassis who took on the role of Director in 2014 from former owner Chris Blin who founded the business in 1990.

To thank all those involved for their hard work and commitment to Accent Anna Lisa hosted a party for staff and family members to come together, meet, chat, socialise and enjoy great food.

Some of our Teachers brought along traditional dishes from their country of origin such as: Olivier Salad from Russia, Tiramisu from Italy, little fish from Japan and Zwiebelkuchen an onion pie from Germany so we had quite a feast.

Due to our staff we were able to open an office in France this year so we are just wanted to say ‘thank you’. Here are some of the photos.

We hope to make this a regular event

It was really nice to get everyone together, some meeting for the first time and others having the opportunity to talk outside work. Many of our Teachers work part time, just popping in to run classes so they rarely get the opportunity to meet up.

We are always looking for more Teachers to run language classes so if you would like more information about Teaching at Accent and joining our team then please contact Holly in the office for more information.

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