Accent Staff took part in the 5km Sark Trail Races on 4th June

We are very proud of our staff’s efforts in the Sark 5km run

Some of the staff from Accent Language School hopped over to the beautiful island of Sark to take part in the annual 5km Trail Race.

Organised by the Sark Running Club this unique event offers the opportunity for runners and non-runners to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Sark on an established and popular cross country course designed for the breath taking views.

35th Sark Cross Country Running Race

This was the 35th annual Sark Cross Country Running Race with lots of runners from all across the Channel Islands taking part in the 5km and 10 km races.

There were also races for children so the whole family could enjoy the experience.

We registered at Stocks Hotel and enjoyed running in a place with no cars, no paved roads and just the odd horse and carriage to contend with. The entry fee included post run burger and salad which was delicious.

Sark Run 2017

We look forward to returning to Sark next year to improve our times! If you wish to join us just look out for the dates for 2017 on .

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