Accent Welcomes Language Students for Easter Holidays

Accent Foreign Language Students arrived for their Easter break in Guernsey last week to learn about the Islands history and experience the Guernsey way of life. Here are a few photos of what they are getting up to so far.

Students competitive round of Crazy Golf at Oatlands

Oatlands Village has a great crazy golf course ideal for an afternoon off from studies. I’m not sure who won the game but it became highly competitive.

Jersey Harbour

Jersey Harbour on a cloudy March day still looks rather exciting as the berths and moorings are awash with yachts and cruisers, a great backdrop to the shops and restaurants especially in the early evening.

Visit to Castle Cornet

Our students were lucky to arrive at Castle Cornet at noon to watch the firing of the guns by the castle keepers in their scarlet uniforms. Castle Cornet was built to protect Guernsey over 800 years ago so our students had a lot of fun learning about the history throughout the years right up until the German Occupation.

Fish and Chip Supper on Cobo Beach

One of our favourite treats is to order a bag of fish and chips and eat them on the beach while watching the sun setting. Cobo Beach is the perfect spot on the Island for this activity, the sunsets here are stunning.

Enjoying Birthday Cake during studies

Our students having a study break with chocolate birthday cake!

Birthday Boy Surprise

One of our students celebrated his 15th birthday while here in Guernsey so his host family baked a cake and decorated his room as a great birthday surprise.

Study English in Guernsey

We look forward to seeing our students back in Guernsey for the summer holidays and many more new students from France and Italy. If you would like to come to Guernsey to learn English then please contact us for more information

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