Adult Language Lessons

Learning a new language is not all about the fluency, even a few words will take you a long way and you will have a chance to understand another culture with its costumes and traditions at the same time. Our tutors will help you improve your language skills and encourage you every step of the way. Our group courses are small and effective, so are our private and semi-private tuition. We can prepare you for exams and certifications or just for your next vacation. You will have a chance to practice your language skills and gain confidence in communicating in a different language. And at the same time you will have fun and satisfaction, gaining a sense of achievement when able to express yourself and be understood in the language you are interested in!

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From practical and useful language to fluency

Group tuition is a fantastic option for people who wish to develop their overall language skills and interact with other students in a small and friendly environment. You will receive the highest level of individual attention, enabling you to develop your self-confidence and reach your language objectives.

The most common reason for taking a tailor-made course is having a flexible timetable in which to learn the language and the wish to focus on a specific area of language, e.g. business, or to prepare for holidays or relocation. In this case, you will progress more effectively by attending a course alone or with a colleague, friend or family member who shares the same objectives and language level as you.

Tailor-made tuition means we can design a course for you that relates specifically to your personal requirements. You will receive the highest level of individual attention, enabling you to develop your self-confidence and reach your language objectives faster.

Another advantage of tailor-made tuition is its flexibility. We can devise a course for you that is as intensive and extensive as you like. Should you need to cancel a lesson, providing you give us twenty-four hours’ notice, your lesson will simply be rescheduled so you will never miss a class.

Lesson Times

We know how busy everyone is and finding the right time seems almost impossible at times. Therefore we don’t have a fixed calendar or fixed times for any of our group lessons or private tuition. We offer a flexible time schedule, as soon as we have three people wanting a group lesson and ready to come on the same day and time we open a group.

Our group courses are offered on a cycle basis, usually 20 lesson cycles; each lesson is of 1.5 hours for a total of 30 hours. The groups are kept small and personal with a minimum of three students and a maximum of six and split by ability.
Once a day and time has been identified and enough students have enrolled for the course, the timetable is fixed and lessons missed are not replaceable or refundable.

Private lessons are scheduled around your time and with 24 hours’ notice can be rescheduled. They can also be suspended if needed, your hours/lessons do not expire.

Our Languages

Being on a small island has its own challenges including finding experienced and qualified teachers. We are lucky enough to be able to offer the major European languages along with a few more exotic ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

You haven’t got a group in the language I am interested in yet, how long it will take for one to start?2021-02-11T17:44:52+00:00

This could happen very soon if we have another two students or it might take longer if no one else gets in touch with us for the same language as you want to learn. If you have family, friends or colleagues you can persuade to join a group then we might be able to start tomorrow!

How many hours of lessons do I need to start speaking a language or improve level?2020-12-23T19:26:10+00:00

On average it takes 200 hours to move from one level to the next but it very much depends on the commitment of the individual student, how much independent exercize one does, if you know already another foreign language, how many chances you have to practice, if you are going to travel in the country of the language you are learning and immerse yourself, etc.

I would like private tuition but my availability changes often, is this a problem?2021-02-11T17:46:13+00:00

Not at all, private and semi-private tuition can be rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. It can also be put on hold if you are too busy or away for business or holidays, your hours do not expire.

If I join a group but go away for business or holidays, can I recover the class?2020-12-23T19:24:48+00:00

Unfortunately you can’t as group times are fixed but we can make sure your teacher sends you notes of what has been covered and homework so you can catch up!

Do you have a timetable for the group classes?2021-02-11T17:47:27+00:00

No, we don’t as we can open a group any time we have at least three people. Let us know what language you are interested in and we can see if there is a group about to start, just started or if we have other people on a waiting list so we might be able to open one if you join!


The team at Accent are very professional and helpful. Ilfiira is an incredibly patient Russian teacher and really did go above and beyond – lockdown didn’t stop her as we seamlessly slipped into online classes. I’m grateful for all of Accent’s help.
Phil T

I’ve been studying English in Accent Language School during 2020. I chose the format “private tuition” and my teacher was Nathalie Lovell, the lessons were adapted to what I wanted to master (listening and speaking skills) so you don´t lose your time with things you are not interested on and the teacher couldn’t have been better, always willing to help and choosing actual and interesting topics. I recommend this school without any doubt; surely they have something perfectly adapted to what you need.

Inma L

I would just like to say that the Spanish classes I attended were fantastic! Ines was wonderful at explaining in detail anything I didn’t quite understand and by speaking mainly in Spanish it really got me to speak with more confidence and understand the language so thank you so much for my classes!

Joe L

Register your interest

We don’t have a fixed schedule for any of our courses. Our groups can start whenever we have three people wanting to come on the same day and time and are of similar level. Therefore, do register your interest so you can be on our waiting list. As soon as we have enough people we will contact you and try to arrange the group. For private tuition, please inquire as we have many tutors and various options. Just let us know what you need and we will try our best to accommodate you!

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