How being bilingual or multilingual will boost your career prospects

Can speaking more than one language add to your human capital and boost your career prospects? Yes, most definitely,  so why are fewer students picking GCSE languages?

Speaking and understanding a second language can offer more opportunities for employment in different sectors in Government and multinational corporations both in the UK and abroad.

What is human capital?

The ‘human capital theory’ was invented in the 1960’s by an economist called Theodore Schultz  He believed ‘human capital‘ was like any other capital i.e. if we invest in training, education and additional benefits there will be a return on the investment with improved productivity of the individual.

How can being bilingual boost your career?

1 -Employers will regard your ability to converse in a second language advantageous even if it is not related to the job. It shows an addition benefit that may have the edge on other applicants, this gives you a foot in the door of a large organisation.

2 – Creates job opportunities. Once you are in a multinational corporation your language skills can quickly get you ahead.

3 – You become a better communicator –  greater metalinguistic awareness.

4 – Speaking a second language also gives your greater cultural awareness to help communicate with foreign business contacts.

5 – Improves your memory capacity.

6 – Better at multitasking – cognitive skills.

7 – More open to new ideas to work in progressive organisations.

“We propose that these effects arise because a foreign language provides greater cognitive and emotional distance than a native tongue does.”

The Foreign-Language Effect
Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases


What opportunities are out there for bilingual workers?

We are living in an era where any business has access to resources to expand into a global market.

The internet and technology have enabled businesses of all kinds to communicate and form partnerships in other countries like never before.

The only hurdle with a expanding into a foreign market is the language. So bilingual workers are required to bridge that gap.

Do bilingual and multilingual workers earn more money?

There is not documented data to indicate speaking a second language equates directly to higher salaries, yet. However, Forbes survey suggests employers value their bilingual staff and this results in higher pay.

Leading Scientists have published reports to prove that being bilingual staves the onset of Alzheimer’s by approximately 4 years, leading to better lifelong earnings potential.

Further advantages of speaking two languages


Job Prospects

If you are bilingual you have the opportunity to work in many different sectors anywhere in the world.

Multinational corporations such as American Express require bilingual workers in their Head Office in Brighton and across their 4 main regions:

      • North America
      • Europe & Middle East
      • Asia Pacific
      • Latin America & Caribbean

Microsoft, Apple and HSBC also offer great career prospects in their offices across the world.

Industries you can work in

Industries requiring bilingual workers

      • Hospitality
      • Social Services
      • Finance
      • Education
      • Health Care
      • Customer Services
      • Communication

There are lots of benefits for students who choose GCSE and A Level languages and then graduate with a degree in languages. Studying languages will open doors to fullfilling lifelong careers.

Multilingual Vacancies

Multilingual Vacancies is one of Europes top jobs board. International companies and recruitment consultants use this service to source quality staff.

There are thousands of high paying positions in multinational companies across the world seeking employees with language skills.

Top Language Jobs

Top Language Jobs is a specialist language recruitment job portal for employers and job seekers.

Indeed Bilingual positions

Indeed bilingual graduate positions on Indeed the largest online recruitment website.

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