Celebrating International Coffee Day 1st October 2016

Global Celebration for the love of coffee

This year we celebrate the 2nd International Coffee Day designed to show our appreciation and support for the coffee growers and barista’s around the world bringing us one of life’s sweetest treasures, coffee.

The 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) and many coffee associations from around the world will be celebrating and promoting coffee.

What is so special about coffee?

We associate coffee with conversation, culture and connecting with people. The European ‘Cafe Culture’ is centred around the enjoyment of sipping on an espresso or latte with friends and family.

When we travel we feel almost comforted by our cup of coffee as a feeling of familiarity embraces us in a foreign land.

Coffee reassures us, perks us up and warms us up on a cold night.

We are all universally united through our love of coffee.


Recognise those that bring us coffee

Farmers work from the crack of dawn to cultivate, grow and hand pick the best coffee beans for our enjoyment.

Baristas working tirelessly to bring us tasty lattes and cappuccinos.

There are many people involved in one cup of coffee. Recognising the journey from farm to shop the process of;

  • growing
  • harvesting
  • roasting
  • serving

84 Events Internationally celebrating coffee

There will be over 35 Countries celebrating International Coffee Day on 1st October 2016.

The ICO asks all independent businesses, organisations and coffee lovers to organise a coffee event in their area. There are 12 events across the UK celebrating coffee this year.

Accent will organise a coffee event next year at our offices in Commercial Arcade, so sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to receive all the latest news and event details.

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