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Choosing early learning and childcare outside the home, that’s right for your child is an important decision to make. There’s a huge amount of choice out there, from nurseries to playgroups to childminders.  Out of school and holiday clubs care for school age children when the school is closed i.e. early morning (breakfast), after school and during school holidays. This type of care is often run in centres and nurseries but other private institutions and childminders can also offer out of school and holiday care.

Out of school services are for school-age children to play and learn and have fun in groups. Some centres welcome fours years old but in Guernsey most have age ranges starting from five, and some go up to fourteen years old.

Activities at these groups include sports, computers, arts, crafts, cooking, outside visits and of course the opportunity to relax and have fun while making new friends.

So why consider us?  Well, here at Accent Language School we offer a range of structured activities, including discovering foreign languages, which is intended to stimulate the children’s curiosity in cultures other then their own.  We keep our groups small, so no child feels lost in a crowd.  Everyone gets plenty of care and attention.

Because we are located in the centre of town we have access to a variety of interesting locations such as Castle Cornet, Candie Museum and Victoria Tower, Cambridge Park, Havelet Bay and Bluebell woods and other close by locations.

We pride ourselves for our quality approach to all we do, from art & crafts, games, baking and cooking, foreign languages, science experiments and many other structured activities which guarantee a variety of educational and fun experiences to the children in our care.

Our purpose decorated children’s club room with large Smart-board offers children a fantastic way to learn – when they’re using the smartboard to “play” maths games like Hit The Button, or having a go at Word Pop in Languagenut, they don’t even realise they’re learning because they’re too busy enjoying their time!

Call us at 714909 for more information on our holiday care for children ages 5 to 11 years old or email us –

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