Children enjoy Science and Geography at Accent Discovery Club 

British Science Week starts next week, Friday 11th March 2016, but are budding scientists at Accent Language School have already been out and about learning about insects, our eco system and carrying out lots of exciting experiments right here in our Discovery Club.

Science and Geography classes are combined to form the content for our popular and successful Discovery Clubs. Here our mini students build a long lasting fascination with science having the opportunity to carry out lots of fun and practical experiments, play games, watch videos and discuss science with their teachers.


Science Experiments

‘Seeing is believing’ especially with our little ones who learn quickly by creating mini volcanoes and seeing liquids dissappear. Vinegar and other safe household products are used in the making of our volcanos.


What can we see in Candy Gardens

Learning about the eco system from an early age brings a sense of understanding and natural awareness of insects, bugs and why we need them to survive.  Who didn’t have a snail farm when they were young?



Dressing Up

Our young Explorers dressing up in different costumes from around the world in their geography session.




View of Herm and Sark

Looking out and beyond our own country of residence we discover a whole new world. Just across the water from Guernsey our students can see Herm Island and Sark beyond. Many of our your explorers will be encouraged to take Mum and Dad for an adventure across the water.




Science Experiments in the Accent Laboratory

The Accent Laboratory is fully equipment with all the materials our young scienists will need, so everyone is encouraged to take part.


Discovery Club




Science fosters critical thinking

By introducing science to a developing young mind the natural tendency to be inquisitive will flourish but will also encourage logical thinking. The process of science is: Idea – create experiment to ‘prove or disprove’ – then analyse results. Reviewing theory and evidence helps a child think critically in all studies, not just science.


Science creates a love of learning

As parents and teachers we aim to encourage a child to ‘love the process of learning’ and Science can do that. Science can fuel an enquiring mind, that curiosity can be applied to other subjects then taken into adulhood for a ‘life of learning’.


Think like a Scientist

We encourage our young Discovery Students to think like a scientist. Some children bombard parents with questions, much to the annoyance of some, but it maybe a sign you have the next Albert Eistein or Issac Newton on your hands and thats terrific, right? By questioning and seeking knowledge of our world we learn so much more.



There are lots of long term benefits of a child discovering the joys of science.  Science creates an inquistive mind and invites children to ask questions about the world they live in. The Accent Language School Discovery Club has lots to offer. If you wish to find out more about our Discovery Clubs then or register your child then please contact us today.

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