Language Lessons

Children can learn one or more languages almost effortlessly and the younger they start the easier. We offer classes in various languages for different ages and levels, for the younger ones we use a more intuitive approach to start with then move to a more structured way of teaching introducing books and other material.

After School Clubs

Our after-school tuition club consists of a 45 to 60 minutes language lesson followed by fun activities. Clubs are available Monday to Friday from 3.30pm to 5.15pm. A Small snack given and water fountain always available. We offer pick ups from both Notre Dame and Vauvert school charged at an extra £3 per child per afternoon.

Holiday Clubs

When it comes to school holidays we know how hard it can be to find that all important childcare and interesting things to do. That is why we offer school holiday clubs for ages 5-11 in half terms, Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. We do a wide range of activities with the children as well as combining learning another language!

Primary Schools

We have been working for years with many primary schools around the island delivering language courses to children from reception to year 6. Our language classes are fun and interactive and aim to engage children of all ages while broadening their horizons and give them confidence in a language different from their own.


Teaching children languages from an early age has lots of benefits – including boosting their development, enhancing their speech and increasing their confidence.