After School Language Clubs

Our after school club is open to all children in primary school, from four to 11 year olds. Why not try something different which is fun and at the same gives your child the opportunity to learn about other cultures and their way to communicate. Learning a new language at a young age is so much easier and fun and gives your child a definite head start in life!

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Here at Accent, we’re here to help!

We know how difficult it is to find after school care that you can trust is safe and gives a different experience or skill to your child. In our case it is foreign languages, we love them and we want every child to love them too!

Our club starts at 3.30pm and after a small snack we start our language lessons (3.45pm to 4.30pm or 4.45pm). Afterwards we offer various activities or we let the children play and have fun with their friends if they prefer. We can help with homework too, just let us know if you wish us to do so.

Clubs are available Monday to Friday from 3.30pm to 5.15pm and are only £18 per child per afternoon. We offer pick ups from both Notre Dame and Vauvert school charged at an extra £3 per child per afternoon.

We make sure all children are involved and have fun while with us. After the language lessons we offer many other activities but no one is forced to do anything they don’t like! We have a small library and many arts & crafts resources, board games, lego, puzzles and much more – rest assured that your child will not be bored when with us!

Lesson Times

Our language schedule this school year:

Monday: Portuguese
Tuesday: Italian
Wednesday: German
Thursday: French
Friday: Spanish

Our Languages

Being on a small island has its own challenges as well including finding experienced and qualified teachers. We are lucky enough to be able to offer the major European languages along with a few more exotic ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like my child to join but can they leave before the end of the club?2021-02-11T17:54:49+00:00

If your child has to leave early this is not a problem for us but unfortunately you still have to pay the full fee.

Does my child have to join every day or can we choose the days?2021-02-11T17:57:08+00:00

Your child does not have to join each week day after school, you can choose which afternoons you need.

Can my child join at any time?2021-02-11T17:58:21+00:00

Yes, you can enrol your child at the beginning of the term or when you are ready but once enrolled you will be charged by the term.


Our child has really enjoyed going to Accent’s after-school clubs. He has fun while getting early exposure to several European languages.

Chris and Jillian D

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Our after school club runs Monday to Friday provided we have enough children. Contact us to see which days are available or to be put on our waiting list.

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