Language Lessons in Nurseries and Pre-Schools

The advantage of having this class at your nursery means being able to teach a language lesson at an age when children have the ability to soak up knowledge like no other. It also helps shape a young child's brain at its most flexible stage. Even just once a week will help expand their knowledge of a different language which will aid a childs language acquisition skills right into adulthood. Being exposed to a second language in a childs formative years actually raises a childs IQ! We also know how important it is to have fun, that's why our classes are full of language games and songs. We keep them entertained while gently teaching them a new language!

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Nurseries and Pre-Schools

Give them an early start in life!

Young children have a natural ability to learn with 50% of this ability being developed in the first few years of life, 30% by age eight (Kotulak, 1996). The first three to four years of their life are considered the best time for children to learn a second language, and it is as easy as acquiring knowledge in their first language (Vos, 2008). Why? Children are bound to assimilate new sounds and new utterances indiscriminately at that time regardless of whether it is their mother tongue or another language! Young children’s attitude to languages is usually positive as they, unlike adults, do not feel self-conscious about the way they sound when uttering foreign languages’ words.

We offer classes at just £35 per hour and you can pay on behalf of your pre-school or you can ask parents to pay you a little amount each so you can cover our cost and a little more! Groups can be up to 8-10 children (3 x 20 minutes as an example or 2 x 30 minutes).

Lesson Times

We offer language classes to young children to help them learn French, Spanish, Italian & German. We teach the basics but incorporate fun and interactive elements as we know keeping the attention can be difficult at times. That’s why we keep the lessons between 20-30 minutes long, with splitting children into small group sizes and ages and of course to your requirements.

You can book a set block of lessons, by terms, or however long you wish to book us for, can be one hour per week or several hours per week depending on your requirements, Let us know what you need and want and we’ll do the rest!

You can also book a FREE trial lesson to make sure we offer what you were expecting!

Our Languages

Although the most popular language requested is French, we can also teach Spanish, Italian and German! Just let us know what is your preference and we will let you know the days and times our teachers our available to come to your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the children play up during the lesson?2021-02-11T18:16:50+00:00

We want the sessions to be fun for all children. As they are only little, some children will warm up to the sessions after a few and some will be engaging right away. We don’t mind, we are used to working with very young children and we know how their moods can change. However in our experience, children look forward to their language sessions as we do lots of activities they enjoy.

What if we want to link our themes to your sessions?2021-02-11T18:17:44+00:00

Not a problem, if you let us know in advance what topics you are covering in a particular term, we can adapt the sessions accordingly.

How long are your courses for?2021-02-11T18:19:02+00:00

You can sign up to a block of lessons, or by terms or by year. You can stop in half term but if you do not follow the regular school calendar we can also continue during school holidays.

We are not sure how our children will react to the sessions, can we have a free taster session?2021-02-11T17:36:23+00:00

Absolutely, we are keen to show you how it all works and we are sure the children will enjoy it.

Register your interest

We don’t have a fixed schedule so contact us to see what days and times we can arrange for your little ones to have their language sessions!

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