Primary School Language Lessons

Children tend to really enjoy learning a new language at primary school. Most language-learning techniques are great fun, and children get a real sense of achievement from mastering and using new key phrases!

It is much more about language learning skills than the particular language on offer. Your child could therefore learn French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Arabic or even Latin — the choices are endless! However, once your child begins secondary school the teaching of a modern foreign language is compulsory.

By studying a foreign language, children are given the opportunity not only to learn about other cultures but, more importantly, to communicate with others too. It is also a thoroughly enjoyable subject to learn, with less emphasis on the written word and more on practical tasks, such as drama, story-telling, role-play, speaking and listening.

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Primary School Language Lessons

Fun and educational extra curriculum activity

Our sessions cater for early years, KS1 and KS2 and are a great way to;

  • introduce young children to the school’s target language before it becomes part of their curriculum
  • support KS2 children’s classroom language learning with an additional extra-curriculum fun club
  • offer an additional language alongside the school’s chosen curriculum-time language
  • excite children and staff by learning vocabulary and key phrases and linking them to the topics learned in school during each term

Lesson Times

We are not allowed to offer the lessons during regular school times but we can offer morning before school, lunchtime (children will eat their lunch during the lesson) or after school.

Each school we work with has a different schedule so check with us what classes and what times we offer at your school.

Our lessons are all 45 minutes long.

Our Languages

Most schools ask us to just offer French but we can also offer Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese, if we have more than 6 children and the school agrees we can organise new groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to commit to a full year or can we just try a term and see how it goes?2021-02-25T10:42:03+00:00

Yes you can, our lessons are always arranged by school term and usually tend to start one week after the term starts and finish one week before the term ends.

Our school doesn’t offer any language lessons, how can we participate in the program you offer?2021-02-11T18:14:33+00:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to be present in all schools but if you and other parents are keen for us to contact your school and arrange lessons please let us know. Another way to arrange them is via your school PTA so ask them to contact us.

My child would like to join the group but the term has started, is this still possible?2021-02-11T18:15:20+00:00

Yes, although we offer lessons by term, any child can join in at any time.


Learning another language is so useful and I know our son Ted enjoys French.  I know Ted has recently told me he likes singing the French songs and was singing to me the other day.

Natasha, A

Register your interest

We can start any group as soon as we have 6 children, days and times will depend from our teachers availability and the majority of the students preference based on past experience. Enquire with us for each school schedule.

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