Child’s Play – We believe in learning through play!

Alison Gopnik’s an American professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley recently said

“We adults can help them best not by teaching, but by making sure that they have adequate social and physical environments and time and space in which to explore. The more that young children are integrated into the real world of other children and adults, the more they will learn about that world and discover their places in it.”

Here at Accent we LOVE this theory. We believe in learning through play and that’s why when we have your little ones we use our interactive white boards in lessons bringing the state of the art technology to the class room, along with going out to explore and learning through play!

The value of just letting children play has been studied extensively and found that unstructured play increases “executive function” skills. This means that children who engage in free play are more likely to work independently as students, establish their own goals and concentrate better in a crowded classroom where chaos sometimes reigns.

So have fun with your children as you encourage and participate in their unstructured play, knowing that they are developing valuable skills that will help them in the classroom and throughout their lives!

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