Intensive Teacher Training courses for CLIL teachers

This course is designed to help teachers who have to teach their subject in English; not only with improving their own language proficiency but also with providing a variety of activities to use in their own classes to help their students better understand the subject through English. The course can be tailored to suit both primary and secondary CLIL teachers.

A typical course will be either one week or two weeks in duration and will involve the following components:

CLIL input sessions: The content of the input sessions is based on the Cambridge TKT: CLIL module and includes: an introduction to CLIL and an understanding of Coyle’s ‘4 Cs’ framework; Communication and the different types used by teachers and learners in a CLIL context; Cognitive Skills; Classroom Language; Planning lessons and Activity types; Materials and how they can be adapted for a CLIL context; Learning Strategies; Scaffolding; Assessment, both formative and summative and Support Strategies. This course is therefore ideal for teachers studying for the Cambridge TKT: CLIL.

CLIL “mini” lessons: These will be designed to put theory into practise with the course participants as the students taking part in a content-based lesson with opportunities to discuss and reflect on the different approaches and methods used.

Language input sessions: Participants will be given a placement test prior to starting the course in order to assess their current language level. The language input sessions will then be designed according to their level and ability. Please note that for participants wanting to significantly improve their level of English it is recommended that they sign up for the two week intensive course as a minimum.

Observations: Depending on the course dates this will either involve observing subject teachers in a local school or observing pre-recorded video clips of lessons. Participants will be given a selection of different tasks to complete during these observations which will then be discussed during the plenary sessions.

Personal Study Programme: Participants will be given different tasks to do according to their subject and teaching situation such as planning a lesson based on input from the course.

Teaching practice: Each participant will have the opportunity to put their learning into practise by teaching a “mini” CLIL lesson they have planned themselves to the rest of the group.

In addition to the above, participants will also be given regular homework tasks designed to not only consolidate learning but also to encourage active engagement with their host family to further facilitate their own language learning.


Minimum 5 adults in each group – maximum 8

25 hours course + 2 evening activities (bowls, cinema, swimming, and others)

Welcome drinks at local pub (first drink free)

Dinner and drinks at local restaurant (food & drink costs not included  – expect to pay  approximately £25-30).

Day Trip to Herm or Sark island at the weekend for stays longer than a week (optional – day trip prices start from £12 for Herm and £15 for Sark Activities subject to seasonal closures)


£495 per week per person

£50 administration’ fee


Host family: £210 per week (6 nights/7 days) = £35 per day (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner)

£50 placement fee


Please Click Here to see the typical one week schedule

Please Click Here to see the typical two week schedule