Course Overview

French is the first or second language in more than 40 countries and is spoken by 125 million people around the world, on every continent, so learning to speak it really does open up doors, whether it’s for holidays or business, or simply to keep your brain sharp.

We offer three levels for French learners: Beginners, Elementary and Intermediate, each of which will cover grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills at the appropriate level.

If you can only attend a certain day, contact us and we will see what other options we can give you.

10 hours of lessons

Interactive smartboards

Qualified, native teachers

Textbook: Le Nouveau Taxi ! 1- Livre de l’élève

Topics & Vocabulary

  • Greetings + introducing yourself (formal and informal)
  • Asking and giving personal information (profession, phone number, age)
  • Alphabet + spelling out words
  • Numbers 0-100
  • Nationalities and countries
  • Jobs
  • Talking about family
  • Using expressions of time
  • Hobbies and free time
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Food and drinks
  • Holidays in France and abroad


  • Nouns: feminine, masculine, singular, plural
  • The verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ (être, avoir)
  • Regular verbs in the present tense
  • Negative form (ne…pas)
  • Articles: definite and indefinite
  • Adjectival agreement in gender and number
  • Prepositions + country
  • Il y a + Il n’y a pas
  • Key prepositions – à, dans, en, au, etc.
  • Interrogative form

* Please note there may be slight content variations at the discretion of the teacher. We may, for example, include additional content when general progress is good, or vary content according to students’ interests.

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Course Dates

Course will commence on the 12th September or when a minimum of 5 students have joined the course