December Holiday Club has just happened and here is what we got up to during the festive season club!

*Disclaimer: if you missed out prepare to be jealous!*


This winter we have had such beautiful frosty but SUNNY days we went out with our little leaners into the great outdoors and got their creativity and concentration flowing with a walk along the beaches….


And a walk through the woods!


We played hide and seek with Elf on the Shelf and ended up running after the naught Elf all through

Town to the PARK where we played dodge (snow) ball!  We had a BALL, excuse the pun….


We were lucky enough to have Vivianne come in and do story telling in both SPANISH and FRENCH

for our little learners for some much-needed and not so, “quiet time” after the excitement of the above



We got interactive with French and Spanish lessons held using the interactive whiteboard and were

so impressed the with the confidence and knowledge our club learners displayed! We just LOVE

watching them learn and grow each time we see them!


We did some Christmas arts and crafts, baked cookies and played classroom games!


We finished off the club by watching a Christmas Movie together got cosy and excited for Father Christmas’ arrival! If the behavior of the club comers was anything to judge by we are sure Father Christmas brought them everything on their wish list!


WHAT DELIGHTS and WHAT FUN we had; We did warn you you’d be jealous after reading this if you missed out!

Accent xxx

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