Ever wondered who’s behind the doors and creation of the advent calendar?

With only TWO yes TWO Saturdays to go until Christmas is finally upon us, and 10 days into our advent calendar we decided to do a bit of research to find out WHO created the advent calendar!

It turns out that our advent calendars are a GERMAN invention, DANKE / THANK YOU, and is known in German as the Adventskalender.

Below is a photo of a German advent calendar. Notice anything different?


YES we are missing a CHOCOLATE, there are only 24 doors on a German Adventskalender. In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on December 24th, not December 25th. That’s because December 24th marks the last day of Advent. This is not unique to Germany, however: Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark and Estonia are just some countries that have the same tradition. I think I’ll stick with the extra festive day and excuse to have a chocolate for breakfast!


Accent xx

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