The amount students want for lunch varies considerably. Therefore, it is best to simply ask the student what they would like to have from what you are able to offer i.e. two or four slices of bread for their sandwiches/choice of filling… ham, cheese, tomato……/fruit/crisps/chocolate bar/yoghurt etc.
Please be aware, however, you do not need to make everything, you can provide the various food items and let the student prepare their own lunch, but please, please, please – if this is the setup, make sure they understand this! Please also give them a nudge to make sure they remember to bring their lunches and not leave them on the kitchen counter!!
Note: Many of the students are used to having quite a lot to eat for lunch in their own country and do seem to be very hungry during the breaks so please make sure they have sufficient to allow for a snack during the break as well as their lunch. Students also need water bottles.