February Half Term Fun!

We’ve just finished a fantastic week in our February Half Term Holiday Club.  This club was our busiest yet with us hitting our maximum number of 20 children, two days running!  Each day, children were able to choose between French & Spanish classes and with the weather being reasonably kind to us, we were able to get out and about several times!

On Monday, we dived straight into our Carnival themed club, with children enjoying some arts and crafts as well as language.  We also managed a trip up to Candie Gardens for a well-deserved play.  Children were already making new friends, with Imogen and Matthew deciding that they’ll marry each other in a few years!!

Tuesday, we didn’t let the drizzle stop us and we went up to the Sunken Gardens to do some Zumba and also dancing.  The children were fantastic, with Barton, Owen and Tara standing out as proper little dancers!  Back in the office, children made a start on their photo booths with some real creativity shining through!

Wednesday we hit 20 children, and we took a walk to Havelet Bay for more Zumba and games, which included running races, sand art & wheel barrow races.  We had a few very sandy children by the end of it!  But a fun time was had by all.  Inside, children loved making art with the wildly popular Hama beads – the whole tub of 10,000 were used up!!

Thursday saw us get out and about, taking full advantage of the good weather.  We had lunch outside in the market and took a little trip to the Library.  In the afternoon, after the French & Spanish classes, the children went up to Cambridge Park to burn off some energy and have lots of fun with their fellow new-found-friends!  Of course, we still found time for some art, with children designing their carnival masks.

Friday was our final day but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits.  We had cooking, with the children making Crepes and also waffles – a very popular activity!  They also finished their beautiful masks and photo booths.  In the afternoon, another trip outside was the only option with the sun shining!

We’ve had new faces with us, returning faces and lots of smiles.  We’ve had a wonderful week with them all, full of fun and laughter.

For those children who’ve spent their holidays with us this week, thank you.  It’s been a privilege to have you here and to get to know you all!  We hope to welcome you back again!!

Until next time!

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