Getting to know your host family: Lisa’s story

Lisa started hosting in Summer 2015 and her and her family really enjoyed it. One summer they had ten students stay throughout, with a maximum of four at a time.

“We had so much fun in the evenings and weekends with all the teenagers, our two children (aged 10 and 14 then) along with our Labrador retriever Marley.”

The family found that the more students they hosted at the same time, the more fun they all had, and they ensured that English was spoken at all times apart from when they learnt a few phrases in the students’ languages.

Evenings were spent either in their garden: cooling off in the pool, on the trampoline, playing football, having barbecues, skateboarding and gymnastics or at various beaches: swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, and having beach barbecues.

On cooler evenings, they would talk, play games, listen to those who could play the electric guitar and piano and sometimes play on the PS4 all together.

They also arranged outing including going to the cinema, bowling, Guernsey Candles, shopping in town, going on dog walks or fishing.

“Many friendships were formed from different nationalities to the extent that my son has even been to Germany for a week to stay with one student that we had last year and his family. They now have a wonderful friendship that will hopefully last a lifetime. Our daughter has a pen friend from Spain, and I have kept in contact with most of the students via Facebook or email.”

A couple of years ago, Lisa even redecorated her spare bedrooms for homestay students, as well as buying new kayaks and surfboards.

With regards to food tastes, Lisa understands that many visitors, especially the younger homestay students, have various like and dislikes: “our own children are no different and we seemed to cater for everyone just fine.”

“We have so many fantastic memories of last year, we are excited for this year too and hopefully we’ll have lots of beautiful weather to enjoy.”

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