Are you going on holiday and want to learn the language? – Language courses in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese or Portuguese

How to make the most of your travel experience by learning the lingo

Are you off to France this year for your holiday and want to be able to converse confidently with the locals? Or perhaps you are visiting friends in Spain and want to impress them with your conversational Spanish? Whenever you go aboard your experience, and enjoyment, will largely be based on the people you meet and how they interact with you and how you communicate with them.

From reading menus, to ordering meals it can either be a daunting experience or a satisfying one when you get it right. It is always good to be prepared when travelling or visiting somewhere new and that’s not just about knowing what monuments to visit, it’s also about how you are going to communicate with the locals.

Start your holiday on the Right Foot

Accent Language School would like to send you on your way oozing with confidence and conversational knowledge to get you in the holiday spirit and make lots of friendships enhancing that holiday experience.

We offer classes in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Portuguese covering everything you will need to know from getting around, ordering food and drinks and much more.

Book your place today

Our classes and fun and informal and tailored to suit your needs. We are already into May so book your place now with Holly by contacting us for further details

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