Holiday Preparation

We can also offer family friendly holiday preparation courses.

Are you going away this year?

Would you like to learn the essentials of the language?
Bring the whole family to this special five week course. Only £99 per person and includes a mini phrasebook for your holidays!
The course will include:

  1. greetings/introducing oneself, getting to know people
  2. talking about yourself
  3. introducing friends and family
  4. ordering drinks in the bar/offering someone a drink
  5. asking for direction, help, talking about where you work and live
  6. making simple enquiries, at the bank, etc.
  7. understanding prices, asking for items in a shop, shopping for food
  8. booking things and making requests
  9. traveling in that country
  10. at the restaurant, ordering, menus, etc

Grammar is integrated in this – this course is meant to give you an overall knowledge which will prepare you for your holidays. If you would then like to continue your learning, we can arrange further lessons to suit you and your needs. For more details, language options and start dates for this course, please call us on 714909 or email us at