Itching to travel? Here’s what you can do

The question on everyone’s mind at the moment: when can we travel again? With summer approaching and most Guernsey folk having only been as far as Sark or Herm in the last 15 months, it is no exaggeration that we are all avidly waiting for the go ahead to safely book our next trip away. That is not to say that some are not nervous to return to the customs of pre-covid life. It is likely that many people will choose to wait until the world is vaccinated to avoid the complications of travel restrictions and potential self-isolation, which may only be in 2022.

For those that want to ease the feelings of anxiety, to lessen the holiday blues, or even to fill yet more holiday leave spent at home, improving your language skills could be the answer. Given that some science officials suggest that it will take the world seven years to become fully vaccinated, it may be worthwhile preparing to make your next holiday as stress-free as possible. For instance, learning some basic Spanish phrases for when you can finally visit Barcelona will definitely alleviate some post-pandemic travel anxiety, especially with the added complications that Brexit will pose.

Most Brits are too embarrassed to attempt speaking the local language when they go on holiday but if you dedicate just 15 minutes a day to some basic phrases, the benefits are definitely worthwhile. The key is finding a way which works for you – for some this could be involving the family, listening to podcasts, using language apps, or taking a few language lessons to help you grasp the basics, or hone in on a specific skill such as listening or speaking or specific set of vocabulary if this is your goal.

Accent Language School offers various adult language classes depending on which skills you want to develop – we have conversational classes or full immersion classes, one-to-one teaching or you could organise a group of friends to form a class.


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