Language Classes for Sports and Social Clubs

Have you thought about organising language classes through your work Sports and Social Club?

Being a member of a work Sports and Social Club gives you access to new opportunities and a chance to learn something that may benefit personal and professional development

Accent provides language classes to suit individual needs. Many of our adult language classes are booked by work Sports and Social Clubs.

Classes can be anywhere up to 12 weeks or more with as many as 15 people attending. We arrange classes during the day or evening to suit everyone.

Fun ways to learn languages at work

1. Make it a pleasurable and enjoyable activity

Tricking your brain into learning in a fun way stimulates the ‘pleasure zone’ into wanting more and associating the activity with joy.

Once the brain associates the learning process with pleasure it will connect positively to learning a language.

2. Start to think in the language you are learning

Start using your new language in everyday situations like reading a book, listening to music and radio in your chosen language. Practice with your ‘language buddy’ during those coffee breaks.

Seek out native speakers you can practice on they are always happy to assist.

3. Keep up to date with modern slang, phrases and current affairs

Learning the traditional language may help you pass a language exam but it won’t help you get along with colleagues and business acquaintances. It is useful to keep up to date with news and current affairs to pick up new phrases and keep up the momentum.

Check out the online newspapers and forums for up to date information and browse websites in the language you are learning.

4. Connect on Social Media

Joining a Facebook Group and following companies on Twitter will give you that extra bit of practice understanding slang, native humour and the language culture. All cultures are evolving and moving with the times so the French maybe more open then we perceive on Social Media.

5. Playing online games and Apps

There are a host of online games and Apps in foreign languages to stimulate the thought process and provide a bit of a challenge.

French Games offers games and quick tests.

The Fluentu App offers lots of videos to learn on the move.

6. Immerse yourself in the history and culture

Do some research into the history and culture of the language you are studying. Learn about different regional differences, customs and traditions will help you to ‘feel’ the culture.

This is why language learning is so much easier to achieve when living and working in the country.

7. Organise a ‘Spanish night’ for friends

Host a Spanish themed party and invite friends to sample Spanish Sangria, Tapas such as Patatas Bravas topped off with Spanish dancing.

If your friends are also your language learning buddies then a few party games would be very welcome after a few glasses of Sangria.

There are different approaches to learning languages but having a bit of fun in the process just eases the pressure and often allows those eureka moments to happen.

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