Learning a foreign language is a major achievement that requires hours of study and hard work. All too often, though, people who don’t immediately use their new language skills in everyday life forget much of what they learn. Being fluent requires reinforcing language lessons with use. There are however ways to keep your language skills fresh where you live.

Listen to international music, watch films from other nations, seek international news sources, read foreign books, get in touch with the foreign community in your area, join a language club.

Here at Accent we are always thinking of new ways we can help our students, current and past, to keep up with their learning of a foreign language and their language skills.

Our brand-new Language Dinners Club is starting this week with French – join us for French conversation over food and drinks with a group of professional people of all ages who are learning French at various level of fluency.  These events are free for all, current and past students or simply for those who want to practice the language.

The dinners provide opportunities for an evening of food, culture, and conversation, whether you are a fluent speaker in the evening language or just beginning to learn.

The dinner events occur approximately monthly at various locations so check with us to see when the next dinner and language will take place!

For more information contact us at or call 714909

Your Accent Team


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