Language Tuition

From toddlers to the young at heart, from beginners to bilingual, we’re proud to be able to offer tuition to all ages and levels in a wide range of languages (and beyond!)

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Pre-school Children (3-5) 

Capture children’s interest in a different language at an earlier age, when they are most receptive.  Through storytelling, song and play, children learn to speak in a spontaneous way: just like learning their native language!

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Primary school Children (5- 11) 

We have enjoyed offering language tuition in several of the Island’s primary schools, as well as offering various class options in our offices, which are perfect for giving your child that all-important head start in life. It helps them to build confidence, become culturally aware and develop essential language skills.

We are happy to offer tuition in any school or club: just contact us for information and our competitive prices!

Secondary School Students

We know how important it is to be able to have that support and help when doing exams. That’s why we have GCSE and A-Level support for students, as well as preparation courses and clubs to develop your language skills before you reach your exams and coursework.
Are you doing the Duke of Edinburgh? Why not choose to learn a language for your skill. We offer a great package exclusively to those who are studying for the award!

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We offer classes to adults at all levels in various languages, as well as our Conversational classes, and new book clubs.  We can also offer Morning classes and Express classes during your lunch breaks!

It’s never too late to learn a language, so don’t let age put you off – it has even been scientifically proven that age is no barrier in learning a language: it can even help delay the onset of dementia!

To see the schedule for the adults lessons, please, click here.

We also Offer:

Holiday Clubs: When it comes to school holidays we know how hard it can be to find that all important childcare, which will give your child the most rewarding yet fun holiday period. That’s why we offer school holiday clubs in half terms, Christmas and Easter.

Cultural Classes: Does your child have different language connections? Or do they have a good understanding of the language but being in an English speaking place are they not practising as much as you would like them to? Give them the opportunity to learn more about their roots and practice their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills!

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Adult Tuition FAQ’s

What if I’m going on holiday/know I’m going to miss a couple of classes?

If you’ve opted for group tuition, then these classes will be missed.  However we can ask the teacher for the lesson notes and homework to pass onto you.

If you have opted for private tuition, just tell us at least 24 hours in advance and we can postpone the lesson(s) until you’re back.


I know I’m going to miss a couple of classes of my group course.  Can my invoice be changed to reflect the lessons I’m attending?

We’re sorry.  Courses are charged at £165 for ten lessons.   We cannot pro-rate the fees, except in the instance that you are starting a course after it has already begun.  If you know though that you’ll miss several classes, it might be best to consider private tuition.


I work in a hotel or restaurant, so my hours change every week.  What can I do?

We would recommend that you talk to your manager and see if they would be able to give you this time off each week, but if this is nor possible, we would strongly recommend private tuition.  We can’t change a group class every week, unless it’s a private class of just X Hotel/Restaurant staff.

Whilst there might seem a big price difference between the group class and the private lesson, if you are only able to attend half of the ten classes for example, this means that the five you do attend have cost you the equivalent of £33 each…!  With private tuition, we can change your lesson day and time each week if needed, perfect for anyone with a regularly changing rota.  You can tell us at the beginning of each week what day/time you’re free and we will work around you.


I’m interested in private tuition, but I go away for extended periods.  Do the lesson packs have an expiration date?

No, not at all!  If you pay for ten hours for example, you will receive ten hours of tuition.  If these lessons take a six month break at any point whilst you travel, that’s not a problem.  We have had a client who would take up to a year to complete each pack of ten hours they’d purchased. 

Adult Tuition Price Information

Tuition Options

1:1 tuition 

Tailor-made, private tuition means your course is designed specifically for your personal requirements. You decide how intensive and extensive it will be. High standards of individual attention mean you can develop your self-confidence and reach your language objectives faster.

2:1 Semi Private Tuition

Study with a colleague, family member or friend who shares the same objectives and language level as you. Focus on your chosen area of language learning e.g. speaking skills or specific vocabulary. We can also sometimes pair you with someone else of the same ability, upon request.

Group Classes

Our qualified teachers work with groups with a minimum of three and maximum of twelve students to help you to improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. We provide you with learning material so you can study at home and our assessments will help monitor your progress. We also have conversational classes for more advanced speakers who wish to practice with others of the same level!

Accent can be flexible and we are always happy to open new groups if we have enough interest so please don’t be put off if you don’t see the right course for you or if the days/times don’t suit you! Simply fill out this form and let us know what you would like to learn!