Languages and beyond..Language training for business professionals

Language Training for Businesses

Knowledge of a foreign languages is very advantageous to businesses seeking to branch out into Europe or further afield. Improving verbal and written communication skills not only improves your business interactions, but also enhances your business travel experience.

Many Guernsey businesses already work either in partnership with foreign businesses or supply products or services to foreign companies so having basic language skills and knowledge of foreign customs will strengthen relations for future projects and expansion plans.

Give your business and employees a competitive edge necessary to succeed in a fast paced global environment.

Language Business Concierge Service

Do you have a need for interpreters for business meetings? Are you having a social event and require interpreters to assist with making your clients feel at ease? Accent can offer Businesses in Guernsey with a Language Concierge Service to assist in correspondence such as emails, letter writing and taking telephone calls.

Corporate Education and Entertainment

“Around the World with Accent”

“Around the World with Accent” is a series of presentations on different countries that are informative and entertaining for business travellers but equally useful for Sports Teams and any club or organisation planning a trip abroad and require a little information before they go.

These fun and informative presentations can be delivered anywhere at a location suitable for all participants. How knowledgeable are you on the appropriate business etiquette in Germany? Do you know what ‘Faire la bise’ is? When would this be appropriate when greeting a client?

International business etiquette – customs and cultures

Companies doing business in foreign countries require the necessary knowledge of the different cultures and customs to successfully cultivate strong working relationships. We know first impressions count when meeting a client for the first time so we want to avoid any faux pas in the initial few minutes. How would you greet a business contact in China? What is the Restaurant etiquette in France? Knowledge of suitable attire, handshakes, eye contact and body language are essential to gaining trust and confidence in your client.

Global business professionals understand that business is not always carried out in the office environment, there will be social events to attend and some may even be invited to the family home, this may be daunting but how you adapt could be the deal breaker.

Accent Flexible Language Programmes

Our Corporate Language Training Programmes will be designed to suit your needs whether the tuition is for one person or a group, where the venue is at our office in Commercial Arcade or your business premises. We can also offer evening classes.

Preparation for Exam Success

As well as corporate language training we offer Adult tuition for those seeking help and preparation for specific language exams. These can be facilitated in groups or individually. Help, support and guidance to achieve the grades you require.

Contact Accent Language School for further details on how we can assist you or your business with language and cultural training classes

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