We’re dedicated to working with people from all over the world who have come to Guernsey learn English or further develop their existing skills.

English (EFL)

Have you come to live and/or work in Guernsey? Do you need to develop your English language?
Here at Accent, we’re dedicated to working with people from all over the world who have come to Guernsey learn English or further develop their existing skills. We can help develop your English language skills whether you’re a child or an adult. We can also work with companies who wish to develop the language skills of their foreign staff.
Our teachers will help and guide you work on any element of the English language that you need to develop and will also help build your confidence. Before beginning lessons, we will assess your current level with an English evaluation test, to ensure you’re working at the correct level


Parlez-vous français ?
Being fortunate to live so close to France, French is a language that we all learn at school and one that proves incredibly helpful for French holidays and also in business.


¿Hablas español?
Spanish is a very widely spoken language. So widely spoken in fact, that it is the second most spoken language!


Parli italiano ?
Italian, like French, is a romance language and these share a similar grammatical structure and there are often similarities in vocabulary. Learning Italian will help with the grammar of French, and some words are similar to those in Portuguese and Spanish.


Kannst du Deutsch sprechen?
Whilst German is considered a difficult language to learn by English speakers, there are actually quite a lot of similarities between the two languages!


Falas português?
Portuguese is yet another romance language and is the third most spoken language in Europe and the mother tongue for over 200 million people. Obviously the official language of Portugal, Portuguese is also the official language in Brazil and Angola.


Можете ли вы говорить по-русски ?
Mozhete li vy govorit’ po-russki ?
Russian has plenty of loan words from Italian, French & German so if you speak any of those languages, you already have an advantage so don’t be put off by the way the written language looks!


Anata wa nihongo o hanasemasu ka?
Japanese has three distinct writing systems: one of the most complex in the world! And Japanese text is a mixture of all three. A fascinating country, why not give the language a go?

  • We would love to offer several other languages and as soon as we have teachers for these languages, we will offer lessons.
    If there is any language that you would like to learn, please contact us and see if we’ve currently got a teacher for it.
  • ***
    Similarly, if you are a native speaker of another country and would like to teach, or else a qualified teacher of a foreign language, please get into contact with us regardless of whether or not we’re actively recruiting teachers of that particular language!