New Book Clubs at Accent Language School 

Book clubs are a great way to discover new authors, adapt to different writing styles and genres with the added benefit of having a place to discuss characters and plots with friends equally as passionate about books.

When you read a book in a foreign language though there are many other benefits. It will vastly improve your language skills, especially vocabulary and grammar and by discussing the book in a small group the context and writing can be further understood.

Accent Language School run book clubs for both teenagers and adults in many different languages to suit the demand. Our book clubs are small groups of students enouraged to choose a book from a recommended reading list and discuss the contents of the book with the guidance of one of our teachers.

The Book Clubs are ideal for students studying GCSE or A Level qualification and those that have a good understanding of a language and just want to improve in this fun environment.


Spanish Book Club

Some examples of Spanish Classical Literature include:

Island beneath the sea by Isabel Allende

Malinche by Laura Esquivel

Le Travesia by Luisa Valenzuela


French Book Club

Examples of great classical French Novels incluce:

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Candide by Voltaire

Les Fleur du Mal by Charles Baudelaire


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Japanese Book Club

Some examples of the Japanese classics include:

The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

145633616456cded24cb356Forbidden Colours by Yukio Mishima

Ten Night’s Dreams by Natsume Soseki


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Benefits of joining our Book Clubs

  • Improve your grammar, vocabularly and comprehension.
  • Good for developing your writing skills.
  • Hone your critical thinking skills.
  • Discover great authors and classic literature in your chosen language.
  • Gain a better understanding of the culture and history of the country.
  • Making friends with others with a passion for languages and literature.
  • Gain confidence in discussing your opinions and expressing your views in a coherent way.
  • Teacher is running the book clubs to assist with students learning.


Book clubs are not just fun but really improve your language skills. We will help our students find interesting novels to read, give time for the books to be read and absorbed then guide discussions on content of the book.  Our book clubs will be student led but one of our teachers will be assisting students with their learning.

Contact us for more information on our Foreign Language Book Clubs today.

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