Portuguese as a foreign language – why not?

Why learning Portuguese?

Portuguese is spoken by about 250 million people in Portugal, Brazil, and other former Portuguese colonies.
It is the eighth most spoken language and the third most spoken European language in the world (after English and Portuguese).
Portuguese is one of the five modern Romance languages, together with Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian.
The number of native speakers is around 300 million, most of them in Brazil (around 200 million).
Portuguese is usually quoted as being the 6th language most spoken in the world (as a first language).
While Portugal only has 10.5 million inhabitants, 20 million Portuguese live world-wide.

Here at Accent we are passionate about all languages including Portuguese especially given the big community of Portuguese speakers we have here in Guernsey

We can offer many things:

1. Children
• group 5 – 7 years old
• group 7 – 9 years old
• group 9-11 years old

2. Adults
• beginners to advanced levels
• language & culture – introduction to learning through the cultural perspective, like music, history, arts, tourism gastronomy and traditions
• private and semi-private tuition tailor-made to your needs

3. Bilingual – children and adults with at least one Portuguese parent – don’t let them lose their other native language!

Contact us today for more information!

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