Preparing for GSCE’s or need help with child’s languages then come along to Accent study sessions

Here at Accent, we are currently working with private students preparing for their GCSE language exams as well as others independently studying specific languages such as Russian or those preparing for English exams.

Summer Study Plan

It is good to be organised with most activities and studying is no different. Planning and organising study time and down time ensures students maintain focus on what they want to achieve.

The study time plan should take into account time to enjoy the sunshine so you don’t feel you are missing out.

We can help students set out an appropriate study plan to suit their needs.

Quiet Environments

Accent offers classrooms and facilities that provide the perfect environment for students who are specifically revising for language exams.

Learn from spending time with Foreign Language Students

Many of our private students gain a great deal from spending time with our visiting Spanish and French Summer School Students by practicing their oral skills and gaining lots of encouragement and advice.

It is very helpful to spend time with a someone from the relevant country when learning to speak a language in terms of perfecting the accent and pronounciations.

GCSE and A Level revision

Our qualified and experienced teachers are familiar with the examining boards and understand what is required to achieve a successful GCSE qualification.

Our Teachers will ensure each student is maintaining the right level of ability and iron out any weaknesses.

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Cambridge Certificate in English

The Cambridge Certificate in English is taken by those either wanting a place on a course that requires a standard level of English or for those applying for jobs requiring a standard of English.

We can help assist those studying for this exam.

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Come and join us we offer lots of options for private tutitions so contact us for more information

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