Pros of Hosting an Exchange Student

There are so many wonderful things about hosting.
– The chance to help a Student experience life in another country and culture. This is an amazing journey. They will have many questions about why you do things. They will want to try new activities and learn about your traditions. This is also an excellent chance to learn about their country and culture as well.
– The chance to gain a son/daughter. This experience will give you the chance to bond with a child in a way you never expected! Many will have so much gratitude for the opportunity you have given them. You will share many laughs along the way and make memories to last a life time. Often you will remain in contact long after they return home, and if you are really lucky you will get to see them again!
– You help your children to learn and grow. If you already have children this is a great “real in your face” way to help them learn about another country and culture! They will have a Host Sibling right there! Kids are great at asking questions and often you will learn through their questions. The bond children make no matter the age is a wonderful journey to watch!
– Attachment. Yes this is a pro and con. While it is hard to let go at the end, it is such a great feeling to know you have made this special bond with this student. You will make plans to email and call eac hother. Maybe they will want to come back the next year to see you again. Maybe you will plan a trip to their country to see them.

Here at Accent we welcome over 200 students per year and we are always on the lookout for new host families!

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