Radio Series – Portuguese Community in Guernsey


Welcome back to our interview series on BBC Radio Guernsey! Accent has teamed up with BBC Radio Guernsey to discuss Guernsey’s rich international community and chat all things language, migration and culture.

This week, Accent’s Portuguese teacher and school secretary, Laura Ferreira, is joined by local Portuguese resident, Nina David, to talk about Guernsey’s extensive Portuguese community. In the interview, they discuss the Portuguese islands where they are from, why you should visit them, and how they compare to Guernsey. They talk about how living away during the pandemic has affected them. They also recommend some Portuguese dishes and cafés on the island.

Claire asks them, also, about the football and if they follow it – she even makes them predict the score for the evening’s game!

Later they do a quick dialogue in Portugal which they translate into English, followed by some helpful phrases and then some idiomatic phrases which are quite amusing.

Laura talks about her Portuguese classes – who attends, why they want to learn, why it makes a good second language, and what makes it difficult for English people (hint: it’s mainly pronunciation!).

Next week, Guilhem Chêne, Accent’s French teacher, will be joined by half-French half-Guernsey resident Caroline Barby, to talk about French culture and community on the island.

Feel free to email us if you have any comments, questions or, if you are part of one of these communities, anything to add for the upcoming interviews!

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