Radio Series – Russian Community in Guernsey


Welcome to our first interview on BBC Guernsey! Accent has teamed up with BBC Radio Guernsey to discuss Guernsey’s rich international community and chat all things language, migration and culture.

For the first week, Accent’s Russian teacher Ilfira’s daughter and niece, joined later by Guernsey Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller, went on the radio to talk about the Russian community in Guernsey. In the interview, they discuss moving to Guernsey, growing up bilingual, and recommend some holiday destinations in Russia. We learn some useful Russian phrases, and hear a Russian poem by Pushkin. They also debunk some stereotypes of Russian people and tell us out how to make Russian people smile!

Find out where you should visit if you want a cultural fix and enjoy architecture or ballet or where to go if you prefer exploring the wilderness.

Join us next week to hear about Guernsey’s Spanish community from Accent’s Spanish teacher Eva and local Spaniard Brianda.

Feel free to email us if you have any comments, questions or, if you are part of one of these communities, anything to add for the upcoming interviews!

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