Radio Series – Spanish Community in Guernsey


Welcome back to our interview series on BBC Radio Guernsey! Accent has teamed up with BBC Radio Guernsey to discuss Guernsey’s rich international community and chat all things language, migration and culture.

This week, Accent’s Spanish and English teacher Eva James, is joined by Brianda Rodríguez, who has been living in Guernsey for four years after moving here from her hometown in Castilla y León in Spain. In this interview, they discuss what makes Spanish both challenging and easy for English people, moving to Guernsey as a Spanish person, Spanish and Latin American community in Guernsey and learning English as a Spanish person. They also talk Spanish holiday destinations.

Eva and Brianda teach several fun phrases: ponerse las pilas, me importa un pimiento and dejar plantada a alguien.

Listen to the interview to find out what a tiquismiquis is, how the Spanish describe the sea when it’s hot, and why Brianda has had to change her siesta schedule.

Next week, Accent’s Portuguese teacher and school secretary Laura Ferreira, will be joined by Portuguese local Nina to discuss Guernsey’s extensive Portuguese community!

Feel free to email us if you have any comments, questions or, if you are part of one of these communities, anything to add for the upcoming interviews!

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