School’s Out for Summer – Where will your children go?

Summer is in the not too distant future and parents will already start thinking what to do with their children, who will be out of school for 6 weeks!

For parents with school–aged children, summer can be a very stressful and challenging season.

Parents not only need to find and secure adequate child care, but they also have to find a way to manage the additional (and often sizable) extra cost.

For Guernsey parents it is no different – the choices are varied but so it is their offering, age, hours, location, activities, quality and price – so what to chose?

We at Accent believe in offering the best quality time to all the children in our care so we consistently invest in our people, facilities, materials and programs.

We deliberately chose therefore to remain small in order to be able to offer better quality care. We offer only what we are sure to deliver.  No fads, no false promises, no uninterested staff.  Just good quality.

Although we might not have the benefit of parking and a grass area outside of our building, we do take pride of our well structured program which includes language tuition as well as a great variety of activities many of which take place outside, taking advantage of our beautiful island.  Our classrooms are equipped with smart boards, educational and quality material and our staff are experienced and all have an extensive police check and first aid training.

Most importantly though, we care about the children who come to us to spend their time with us.  We make sure they are happy and learn by having fun, and they go home having had a brilliant time – and because we are small we get to know each child as an individual, which paves the way for the children to soon feel comfortable and at home in our care.

So why not consider us this summer?

Call us – 714909 – or send us an email –

Let your child join us for an exciting summer with lots to discover and enjoy.

Accent Language School – because we care

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