Why St Peter Port is the best place to study English for International Students

The biggest question for EFL Students is “Where is the best place to learn English?”. With so many Language Schools across the UK in many different cities we think students need a helping hand, so here is why we think International Language Students should come and study at Accent in St Peter Port Guernsey.

Apart from finding the best Language School students want to study in a great location, meet new people and create lasting memories so finding the right place is such an important decision.

We all learn better when we are happy and we know St Peter Port is a very happy place to live!
What are the benefits of studying in St Peter Port, Guernsey?
St Peter Port is a very pretty, historic and sociable town with cobbled streets leading to the great Market Square and Old Quarter. When you are not studying you will find a diverse range of eateries and bars to choose from.

St Peter Port is fairly small but perfectly formed so you won’t get lost and won’t need a taxi home, although you may need to be fit if you are living in the Old Quarter!

Everything is close by, in walking distance in fact, saving you money on transport and giving you the flexibility to get around freely.

St Peter Port is a magical mix of old and new with fabulous old architecture and museums showcasing material from WWI and WWII but also offers lots opportunities to visit modern art exhibitions.

You will never be stuck with nothing to do living here, there are lots and lots of cafes, bars, restaurants to meet friends and in the summer months Castle Cornet puts on music festivals and plays.

There is very little crime here so unlike the UK you are less likely to be a victim of theft or mugging, you are more likely to leave your windows and front door open all day.

Cars drive slowly too, with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour means there are fewer road traffic accidents so pedestrians and cyclists are pretty safe.

Guernsey people are very welcoming, they are used to getting visitors to the Island and lots of nationalities live here. You will be sure to make new life long Guernsey friendships.

So come and learn English, or any other language, at Accent Language School in St Peter Port!

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