The Story of Le Petit Sapin

The Story of Le Petit Sapin was read to our little language learners and parents on Sunday, we had such a wonderful time!


We greeted the little learners and parents didn’t miss out with a complimentary hot chocolate before sitting down to hear all about a little young tree who wants to become a BIG tree and go to the city!


In this magical story Little Red Riding Hood and Goldie Locks appear as they too lived in the magical forest!


The story has a beautiful ending and the small tree grows and grows to reach his dream of being BIG and gets selected to become a Christmas tree in the city as he always hoped for and the magic continues after Christmas the now BIG tree is selected to be the Schools very own tree and planted in middle of a school playground where he sees the magic continue all year round of learning laughter and play!



After this magical Christmas story we had all the festive feels and the little learners made some beautiful Christmas tree decorations to take home for their very own Le Petit Sapin!


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