New changes to the GCSE exams for 2017

This year was the last of the GCSE A*-G Grading system in the UK. In the summer of 2017 students will sit different exams and will be marked under a new numerical grading system.

GCSE results 2016

The  GCSE results for 2016 in the UK were slightly down on previous years with many students having to retake English and Mathes.

GCSE Results

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Key changes to GCSE we need to know

Changes to the GCSE’s were announced in 2013 by the Department of Education with these new changes set to be tested when the new GCSE exams take place in 2017.

  • all subjects will have revised subject content
  • a new grading scale from 9 to 1
  • Non-exam assessment will be reduced: non-exam assessment will only be used where knowledge, skills and understanding cannot be tested validly in an exam
  • Fewer subjects will use tiering: tiering will only be used when a single exam cannot assess students across the full ability range in a way that enables them all to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Foreign language exams will be taken in the summer

Awarding for new GCSE students

New Grading Scale


GCSE’s will be a lot harder “more challenging course content”

By making GCSEs more demanding, more fulfilling, and more stretching we can give our young people the broad, deep and balanced education which will equip them to win in the global race

Michael Gove told the House of Commons.

New GCSE Grading Structure

Progress 8

This new system will track the progress of pupils from the end primary school to the end of secondary school.

Progress 8 measure in detail

New Government benchmark

At age 16, we think most pupils can and should achieve an average of a Grade 5 in their attainment 8 subjects and this will be the new benchmark of national success.

The government’s goal for 2030 is 75% of students to achieve this, as opposed to the 35% who achieved this in 2014.

Spoken language in new GCSE English language

The Government has introduced a new Spoken English Language component to the GCSE English Language. It will be graded but will not contribute to the final GCSE grade.

Assessment of speaking skills

Summary of Changes to GCSE Languages

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Modern Language GCSE subject content

Communicate with native speakers through speaking and writing.

GCSE curriculum also aims to give students insights into other cultures and giving them a new way to view the world.

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