The Language Magician

The Language Magician is a project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union in September 2015.

Representatives from Universities and Education in four European countries came together in collaboration to create a computer game assessment tool for Primary Schools.

The aim of the project is to create a fun and non-threatening computer game for children to allow Teachers to track and assess children’s progress without being in a test environment.

This 3-year project will be available in 7 language combinations is currently being trialled in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.

One of the most advanced tools in Primary Education

This new digital teaching tool is now one year in the making.

This game incorporates reading, writing and listening tasks as students make their way through the different challenges. The game is 40 minutes long and requires focus and concentration but the children should not feel the pressure of a traditional test paper.

Different Levels of the game

  • Level 1 – recommended for testing after the first year of language learning (approximately 100 hours)
  • Level 2 – recommended at testing pupils are two years of language learning (one lesson per week)

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Language to be tested

  • English tested in Germany and Spain
  • Spanish and German tested in UK

To be introduced in 2017

  • Italian and French in the UK
  • English in Italy

Partners involved in this project

  • Goethe Institute
  • Universita per Stranieri di Perugia
  • University of Reading
  • Leipzig University
  • Gobierno de La Rioja
  • Universita per Stranieri di Siena
  • CEP Norte Tenerife
  • University of Westminster
  • Association for Language Learning
  • Education Ministry in La Rioja, Spain
  • Embassy of Spain in London

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We applaud those who seek to find new ways to education and assessment students using the latest technology.

Teaching foreign languages in schools is such an important part of the curriculum and finding new ways to teach and assess children’s progress is certainly something to be welcomed.

We will be watching the progress of this exciting project.

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