Unlock the imagination and improve your child’s abilities at school

A virtually free way to strengthen the bond between your child and you in a way that will entertain and delight them in an era where technology has taken over it’s too easy to forget about the magical method that is reading aloud to and with your child!

Children that have been read aloud to with that simple bed time story soothes and sends them to sleep happily or a lazy family morning with a book curled up on the sofa with books gives your children that all important head start in language and literacy skills sending them to school better prepared and helps aid the success as a student and in later work life.

When the competition for a child’s attention is so fierce, between tv, films, the Internet, video games and a thousand after-school activities, the pleasures of sitting down with a book are often overlooked. By engaging your children with a story through words and images enables them to learn to read better, think better, and send their imaginations wild!

It also helps them to become a passionate, lifelong reader.


We at Accent offer many story times with the added value of multilingual readings! So why not Come along on a magical multilingual adventure through books this Sunday 18th December at 3pm for some FREE FUN for all the family we can’t wait to see you and the delight on your children’s faces as we open their imagination and receptiveness to actively listen, engage and learn through stories in multiple language’s!

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